Saudi Arabia


The first unit to operate the IDS variant was the 7th Squadron, based at Dhahran, which received the first aircraft on 27th March 1986, followed by 66th Squadron. After the 1991 Gulf War, when the Saudi Tornado were engaged in operational missions alongside Coalition Forces, some 650 operational sorties were recorded suffering the loss of one aircraft due to anti-aircraft fire. As a consequence of the highly successful operations and experience gained, the Al Yamamah II contract was formalised, resulting in a further order for 48 IDS aircraft versions, which were deployed to re-equip two more units, 75th and 83rd Squadrons, all based at Dharan.

Squadron Version Base Operations
7<sup>th</sup> Squadron - 3rd Wing IDS Dhahran/Zahran 1986-
66<sup>th</sup> Squadron - 3rd Wing IDS Dhahran/Zahran 1990-Inactive
75<sup>th</sup> Squadron - 3rd Wing IDS Dhahran/Zahran 1996-
83<sup>rd</sup> Squadron - 3rd Wing IDS Dhahran/Zahran 1998-


The first of the contracted 24 fighters were delivered to 29th Squadron on 20th March 1989, while the other unit to convert to the ADV version, the 34th Squadron, received its first aircraft on 15th November 1989. During their service until the year 2006, the fighter guaranteed the air defence of Saudi airspace and played an important role in the 1991 Gulf War, performing more than 450 CAP missions, essentially protecting their home airspace.

The RSAF Tornado ADV was progressively withdrawn from service due to planned replacement by the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Squadron Version Base Operations
29<sup>th</sup> Squadron - 3rd Wing ADV Dhahran 1989-2006
34<sup>th</sup> Squadron ADV Dhahran 1989-1992