• PANAVIA managing tornado

    PANAVIA managing tornado

    Over 950 Aircraft have been delivered to the Air Forces of Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

  • Germany


    The German modernisation programmes will allow the Luftwaffe to maintain its Tornado fleet in service until beyond 2030…

  • Italy


    The Italian upgrade programme was divided into three phases and, together with ongoing capability enhancements will enable the entire Italian Tornado fleet to maintain its potential until beyond 2025…

  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom Mid Life Update Programme permitted the British Tornado GR.4 to remain in service until 2019…

  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

    The Royal Saudi Air Force has put its operational fleet through an upgrade programme, defined as the Tornado Sustainment Programme (TSP) and is embarking on a further range of enhancements…

The Successful European Military / Industrial Programme

In terms of the number of aircraft built and delivered, Tornado remains one of Europe´s largest military aircraft co-operation programmes

Contemporary air power needs to be flexible, hard hitting, rapid reaction and readily available.

The Panavia Tornado weapon system combines in one airframe a full deterrent capability, representing the most effective aircraft of its class today.

Tornado was designed and produced by the aircraft industries of three nations, in one of the largest, most challenging and most successful multi-national aircraft programmes ever conceived.

‘’The success of the Tornado programme was a result of the holistic view taken from the start, recognizing the customer’s needs would change over the life of the programme and that discipline, good engineering and project management were crucial’’

From ‘’Creating Systems that Work’’ Study by the Royal Academy of Engineering, London 2007

Tornado represents an invaluable opportunity to be at the forefront of new technologies

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