Welcome to the Panavia GmbH Homepage

In the modern challenging business environment, for a company to survive and prosper over 50 years it must be innovative, adaptive and customer focused. Innovative in that it must constantly ensure that its product range is state-of-the-art, adaptive in that it should embrace change and flexibility both structurally and organisationally, and customer focused in that it must forge links with its customers that build confidence and trust to such an extent that it is able to fully understand and share its customer’s mindset.

With Panavia Aircraft GmbH celebrating in 2019 its 50th year of existence, I believe as an organisation we can lay very strong claim to all of the above characteristics of success. The Tornado range of variants has seen continuous capability enhancement throughout its life and continues to be the subject of integration of the latest advances in displays, cockpit ergonomics, computing, communications, counter-measures and weapons technology. The organisation, industrial base and supply chain have been successfully managed to respond effectively to the ongoing challenges of a constantly changing economic, political and international security environment. And the spirit of partnership with both customers and operators, fostered by the tri-national Government Agency NETMA also based in Munich, has established a business construct which provides the model for international defence collaboration projects to this day.

With the platform proving itself highly adaptable, reliable and durable, I have every confidence that this success can be sustained well into the future and beyond 2030.

Thank you for visiting our homepage. I think you will find much to interest you and give you an understanding of why Panavia and the Tornado have together become a symbol of outstanding European collaborative success, for the past, present and future.

Stefan Gesmann
Managing Director, Panavia Aircraft