Tornado IDS

The Tornado IDS is a key player in the air to ground role. It has thirteen stores stations on seven pylons, two on each wing and three under the fuselage. These carry a wide range of laser guided bombs, medium range cruise missiles (Taurus, Storm Shadow), anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles (AARGM, HARM, ALARM), JDAM, LJDAM, Brimstone, special munition dispersers and external fuel tanks, and also includes retained legacy conventional freefall/retarded dumb bombs.

External fuel tanks extend the radius of action and a retractable in-flight refuelling probe is fitted. So the following profiles can be flown in order to destroy, disrupt or delay the enemy’s surface potential before it can be used effectively against friendly forces or assets:


Low-Low-Low Profile

Close Air Support with holding time in target area