The basic GR.4 Mid Life Update and its successor programmes Package 1, Package 2 etc. provided the platform with the following packaged capabilities: Paveway III precision bomb, Storm Shadow stand-off missile, Brimstone Advanced Anti-Armour Weapon and RAPTOR Reconnaissance Pod. The adoption of the new RAFAEL LITENING III pod, replacing the TIALD, has further increased the possibilities for attack with new generation laser guided bombs, while the integration of the AIRCM Countermeasures Pod enhanced the aircraft’s defensive capabilities. In conjunction, the displays suite was enhanced and the Main Computer performance was upgraded (modern processor and High Order Language computing). These modifications, mostly conducted in the nineties and the first decade of the new millennium, permitted the British IDS Tornado to retain currency and remain effective in service until their last day of operational service (out-of-service date was March 2019). Additionally, via the recent introduction of a Collision Warning System (CWS) the weapon system satisfied modern airworthiness requirements.