Customer Map

Panavia has two primary customers, firstly NETMA, the government agency representing the defence ministries of the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany and Republic of Italy, (who in turn represent their national Air Forces) and secondly BAE Systems, who act as customer for those contracts for which the UK government chooses to operate via a national contract placed directly on to BAES. In this latter case BAES as customer then sub contract Panavia for the relevant Leonardo and Airbus Defence and Space in-house portion and supplier elements in accordance with the agreed System Design Responsibilities.

NETMA (the NATO Eurofighter Tornado Management Agency), also based near Munich,  is staffed by representatives of the original participating governments and air forces and over the life of the project, Panavia and NETMA together have developed a comprehensive and highly efficient interface mechanism and operative network. The business construct developed for the Tornado programme was at the time unique and highly innovative in the field of industrial organisation and international cooperation, and has proved so successful that it has established the model for international defence collaboration projects to this day.

The RSAF customer has historically operated almost exclusively through BAE Systems / BAE Systems Saudi Arabia as part of the government-to-government Saudi British Defence Cooperation Programme (SBDCP). However since a couple of years the Saudi Arabian industrial organisations Advanced Electronic Company (AEC) and Saudi Maintenance and Supply Chain Management Company (SMSCMC) are contractually authorised to place RSAF logistics business as customers directly on to Panavia.