Tornado Sustainment Programme

The Panavia Sustainment Programme ensures that a stable logistical and engineering support can be delivered to all Tornado customers until the last out of service date, by providing and maintaining Panavia’s/ PPC’s capabilities and capacities within the programme industry.

The Tornado programme has another decade of intensive operation ahead in its lifecycle. In order to meet these current and future challenges, Panavia together with the Panavia Partner Companies implemented a Sustainment Strategy on the Tornado Programme.

To enable support to the Air Forces on an ageing platform with growing requirements demands a stable In Service Support Solution (ISS) to ensure Tornado maintains its high standards over the next decade whatever operations the Air Forces require.

An adopted Sustainment Organisation across the industry ensures right programme support, control and management for a successful implementation.

As the first European collaboration project of the defence aviation industry and as a joint NATO programme, the Tornado programme acts as an exemplary role model and the Sustainment Programme can become a kind of lead for all further European A/C platform programmes.

Today’s and future programme challenges along with existing lessons learned build the basis for the Tornado Sustainment Programme. Right measures to continuously satisfy the customer’s needs will in the end ensure sustained customer satisfaction until the last out of service date. 

Implementation of the Sustainment Strategy: