Management Structure

Panavia has industrial management responsibility for the complete Weapons System across the full platform life cycle of development, production and in-service support including overall design authority and airworthiness. Panavia discharges its responsibilities in co-operation with and through the three Panavia Partner Companies.

The Panavia Partner Companies acting as shareholders provide governance and guidance through the Board of Directors, consisting of two representatives from each company. As partner companies, they are also integrated closely into the activities of the Panavia central organisation, i.e. as agents in equipment procurement, as sub-contractors in the provision of airframe structure and wiring components, and as a systems engineering resource in assisting Panavia to carry out its role as design authority.

The Successful Panavia Tornado Programme

Since the foundation of the Panavia Consortium, the Tornado management structure and the associated multi-national procedures have proven themselves highly effective for the participating Governments and Industrial Organisations throughout the whole Weapon System Life Cycle. They have also established multi-national work sharing principles that continue to be the foundation for the programme and a model for other international defence collaboration projects. Close international co-operation between the Tornado Customers/Operators and Industry continues to provide a whole range of technological and economic benefits.

These outstanding achievements are based on four vital elements:

  • a common political will to cooperate
  • a jointly agreed definition of the shared military and economic goals
  • the highest calibre of ability and expertise of the individuals involved at both government and industry-levels
  • the will to make technical innovation and to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies.

The successful collaboration of the three European Nations has resulted in an achievement that has paved the way for other major programmes like Eurofighter in Europe and NATO in the future.