The Italian Air Force MLU programme incorporated multi-function/ colour displays and implemented Night Vision Google (NVG) capability, as well as armament system improvements; updated avionics included new GPS/ LINS, En-SAHR, upgraded communication system and implemented MIDS Link 16.
The aircraft is now capable to operate Storm Shadow stand-off missile, GPS and laser guided weapons (JDAM and Enhanced Paveway III laser-guided bombs), RecceLite reconnaissance and Laser pods.
Additional Small Diameter Bombs integration (providing ultra-precision & low collateral munition), embodiment of an innovative Anti-Radiation Missile (for advanced air defence suppression) and a new Chaff & Flare dispenser pod development were concluded in 2016 for the full satisfaction of the Italian customer.
This will facilitate efficient action in any future operational scenario, though within the framework of the  instrumental objectives of the  Italian Constitution and defence policy, which advocate a process of gradual stabilization, develop deterrence,  enhance  the safety of land forces and preempt  any possible 'backfire'.